Tuesday, May 09, 2006

WSTC Wrapup

I was going to post about my trip to Vegas but Andy's pretty much written the definitive summary.

All I can add is:

  • I want a table made out of the same stuff as the bar in i-Bar. Imagine a table made out of millions of Cadbury Mini-Eggs all stuck together in some sort of transparent resin. Fantastic stuff.

  • The Rio was nicely compact (compared to the MGM at least).

  • There is something fundamentally wrong about being in Vegas in May at midday and shivering. The aircon was *far* too cold.

  • Spoke to loads of colleagues I hadn't seen for ages.... which was very useful

  • Found out lots of things about our products, strategies and direction that you just can't get from conference calls

  • I didn't go to a single DataPower session, which makes me unique and probably somewhat shortsighted if the buzz around that product is anything to go by

I took yesterday and today off... and am back at my client in Ipswich tomorrow. Joy!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the linkage. Evidently I didn't spend as much time as you did in the i-Bar, or when I did, I wasn't studying the physical composition of the tables...

Did you step outside the hotel at all? It was HOT. I knew it would be, I'd been in May in 2001, and that was the year that convinced me I had to give contact lenses a try to release me from the need for prescription sunglasses. Everything is so bright there.

Lots of interest in DataPower. You and I should talk.