Sunday, July 09, 2006

When "Second Life" makes the Sunday Papers, you know it's time to take it seriously.

Today's Observer carries an article about "Second Life".

The eightbar boys won't stop talking about it and (who'd have guessed it) they might be on to something.

I have quite enough trouble keeping my first life under control so I don't intend to get involved just yet but I sense it may just be a matter of time....


Anonymous said...

You know it has been on the cover of Business Week already, right? That was a great issue.

Anonymous said...

I heard this morning that it got a mention in the Sunday Times too. Tipping point indeed.

Richard Brown said...

Yeah.... I was vaguely aware of it being on BW... but I figured it appearing in a regular newspaper represented even more of a crossover.

I missed it in the Sunday Times.... was obviously skim reading it too quickly :-)

Anonymous said...

We do need a entry.

Second Life :- See Tipping Point

After the fantastic reception it got on the tech tours at
I am even more conviced than ever that this is the way to go.

Richard Brown said...

As soon as someone can convince me I won't get addicted, I think I'll jump on in :-)