Sunday, April 06, 2008

Gatwick Misery

I think this extract from Virgin's "Flight Tracker" page says it all:


Flight number: VS 015

Departure date: 06 Apr 2008

Route: London (LGW) to Orlando (MCO)

Scheduled departure time: 06 Apr 12:45

Estimated departure time: 06 Apr 19:45

Scheduled arrival time: 06 Apr 16:55

Estimated arrival time: 06 Apr 23:37


Were it not for the fact that I am committed to present at this conference, I think I'd probably cancel my reservation and go home.

[UPDATE 17:09.... A small crumb of comfort.  I queued up at the information desk and begged to be upgraded. 10,000 miles lighter, I'm now in one of the best seats in Premium Economy (75H). Not Upper Class but better than nothing!]

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