Sunday, April 06, 2008

Spoke too soon :-(

I was too trusting.

Virgin decided that a seven hour delay was insufficient. So they cancelled... sorry, "renamed" VS15 to VS115 and "rescheduled" it to tomorrow afternoon.   Nice.

There's a minor problem. I am only supposed to be there until Wednesday lunchtime.

When I looked ahead to another day in transit, I realised it made no sense to continue.... I just wouldn't get any value from the conference now.  I'd be a zombie all day on Tuesday and then it would be time to go home again on Wednesday.

What a complete waste of time (and money) and a big disappointment.... the conference I'm missing out on is one of IBM's best.

I am not happy.


Anonymous said...

Sorry you missed the conference. I was booked on the same flight, and limped out to Orlando 24 hours late. I really enjoyed the part of the conference I attended, but jet lag was a permanent feature of the next few days!

Richard Brown said...

Thanks David... glad you made it to the conference.... :-)

Did you get any compensation from Virgin? Three weeks later and I'm still waiting....