Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New Multimap

When did this happen? Multimap's gone all Ajax-ey!



sean said...

Glad you like the new Multimap! The change-over started on 16 April and we are gradually changing people's default home page. You can always get back to the old site with the "Nostalgic?" link at the top left of the page.
Sean (from Multimap)

Richard Brown said...

Thanks Sean. It's a great improvement.

Andrew Ferrier said...

Yeah, this is pretty cool - if a bit overdue (everyone and his uncle can do AJAX these days).

Multimap has always provided better maps than Google (more detail), and this friendly new interface, combined with Google's (surprisingly abysmal) map searching technology means Multimap is definitely my preferred choice.

NB: Try searching for anything, anything at all, in Mountain View (Google's hometown). If you find what you're looking for, do let me know. Yahoo Maps is an excellent alternative in the US.