Monday, July 30, 2007

Intelligent Finance "Systems Update". Yeah, right.

Oh dear.

Intelligent Finance is offline (try logging on or accessing your account via phone).

They've no doubt encountered a nasty problem (who knows what it is; it could happen to anybody. The core failure probably isn't even their fault and I feel for the technicians who are, no doubt, running around at high speed desperately trying to get the site back on line).

However, it's not acceptable to describe an unexpected failure as a "systems update".

Face it, guys: you're offline and you didn't plan to be. Don't treat your customers like idiots. Tell us that there's a problem (and that you're working on it) and we'll understand. These things happen.

Persist with the "update" charade for much longer, however, and I'll be taking my business elsewhere. I don't expect my bank to mislead me.

Some honesty, please.


(I'm not the only one to notice that they're down).


Andy Piper said...


He lives!

Andy Piper said...

(gendal, I mean, not IF - no idea about IF)