Sunday, September 02, 2007

I'm surrounded by woolly liberals.

Gah. What's wrong with some people?!

Roo admits to being a greeny 1972 Labour-type (sort of)

And kyb is almost as bad.

I need to start tracking some different bloggers :-p

This is more like it:

I can only conclude that my mission to educate the world in the correct way of economic thinking (i.e. mine!) is not yet complete.

[UPDATE: Roo is tracking people's results in one place. Seems Uncle Milt and I would have been soul-mates -]


Roo Reynolds said...

How did I guess you'd be liberal/right? You're in the Friedman quadrant. :-)

Richard Brown said...

Am I *that* predictable?! :-p

kyb said...

It looks like you're slightly right of Friedman!

Incidentally, is wooliness a function of left/right or of up/down?

Richard Brown said...

"Incidentally, is wooliness a function of left/right or of up/down?"

There's always one :-)

It's a function of whether an argument is based on logic or emotion. (At least that's my position and I'm sticking to it...)

The Last Herald-Mage said...

Richard its Andy. Finally got round to signing up to your splendid blog.

As one of the "woolly liberals"(!) I'm actually slightly alarmed to find myself slightly more authoritarian than you (8 squares from libertarian rather than 7 :-O). However, I'm a good deal more left wing (though I'd be the first to admit I'm not especially financially minded which would probably explain why I never have any money).

It is a comfort to see that I'm practically identical in outlook to Ghandi; must be all that spiritual healing I do...