Monday, October 22, 2007

The housing market is doomed!

Seen from the DLR: six liveried Volkswagen Beetles parked outside Atkinson Mcleod's Leman Street Office. Why aren't they showing buyers around and chasing after sellers? The end is nigh!

(Alternative explanation 1: the estate agents were having a meeting

Alternative explanation 2: Monday early afternoon is always slow and I only noticed the cars because I normally leave work somewhat later in the day)


kyb said...

Maybe you could take a few more data points?

Richard Brown said...

If the economist David Smith can predict a recession (or boom) on the basis of the number of skips he sees on his street, then I feel safe working from this one data point :-p

(e.g. see the italics "PS" section at the end of this post:

Chris H said...

We wait over a month for an update and this is what we get? hmmm I am disapointed

Richard Brown said...

I've been busy!