Friday, October 03, 2008

The Economist May have lost a subscriber

I switched bank a few months ago. The new bank (First Direct) contacted all the companies that I have a Direct Debit with and told them to move the mandate from my old bank to the new one.

They all did it.

Apart from one:

The Economist.

They seem to have cancelled the old Direct Debit but not bothered to set up the new one.

Worse, rather than contacting me immediately when the last payment failed to go through, they cancelled my subscription and sent me a letter instead.

Which means this week's copy hasn't been delivered.



ianvisits said...

I had to cancel the subscription as the postal delivery where I live is so lousy that I often ended up getting the magazine on a Monday.

Missing out my core weekend reading time.

Richard Brown said...

Did you speak to the Economist distribution people?

When delivered were disrupted by Royal Mail strikes, I emailed them and they said that there were certain postcodes where they would deliver by hand (for free). E1 (or E1W) was one of them. I'd be surprised if E14 wasn't also covered...