Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Talisman

Like Ian and countless others, I headed over to King's Cross this afternoon to watch the arrival of the first steam engine built in the UK for fifty years.

By the time I arrived, the crowds on the concourse and platforms were massive so I wandered down York Way to watch it before it entered the station.

I didn't take any photos, as usual, so here is a picture of where I stood:

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Now, as we have already established, I am not a train-spotter. Nor do I fraternise with them. So I was careful not to appear too eager or to appear to be anything other than an inquisitive passer-by who had happened upon a crowd of people.
I fooled nobody.
A friendly middle-aged woman and her eighty-nine year-old mother asked me when the train was due. And a genuine passerby asked me what everybody was looking at.
Oh well...


IanVisits said...

Blimy - I nearly caught you on camera then, as I took a few photos of the crowd watching from outside the station.

Richard Brown said...

Ha ha!

I was standing to the right right of space you photographed.

I didn't get there early enough to find a piece of wall for myself so stood a few metres back on a ramp so I could look over the early birds' heads.

Peter McDixon said...

This is the good stuff right here:

And part 2:

when it goes 'and shes running on time', well tears come to mine eye!