Saturday, January 01, 2005

What queue managers are running on this box?

Have you ever inherited a box and had no idea what queue managers exist on the box and what they're doing?

Try this:


C:\Documents and Settings\brownr1>dspmq

QMNAME(FMCQM) STATUS(Ended immediately)

QMNAME(FMCQM1) STATUS(Ended immediately)

QMNAME(FMCQM2) STATUS(Ended immediately)

QMNAME(ICS1.queue.manager)STATUS(Ended immediately)

QMNAME(WAS_RGB_T41P_server2) STATUS(Ended immediately)

Now....if you've inherited a box with no docs, then you have bigger problems than this! But... it's a useful little tool for checking what queue managers exist and whether they're running or not...

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