Thursday, January 04, 2007


I blogged at the end of last year about the miracle of the UK train ticketing system and how I snapped up first class tickets for little more than standard. The reason for buying them was so a group of us could go away for New Year.

It was a very relaxing, enjoyable weekend - even including a long walk in the country in driving rain.  I avoided getting into any arguments about politics (which is always a good thing.... I think most of my friends know where I stand now and have stopped trying to bait me :-)   ).

Several of the party came down with a nasty stomach bug, including the chef for our meal on New Year's Eve.  To his credit, he completed the preparation of the entire meal and only let the (rather unpleasant) symptoms overwhelm him once the meal was ready.

Even more impressively, he didn't infect anybody else.  Phew :-)


badgerdaddy said...

So... was the weekend in Ludlow, or is there another reason for the post header??

Richard Brown said...

Yes... we went to Ludlow :-)

Your deduction was correct!