Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The transformation of Docklands as recorded in "Eastenders" credits

I flicked through some channels on TV just now and caught the end of Eastenders. I noticed that, had I been quick enough, I might have been able to see an aerial shot of the flat (yes, I know... Google Earth can do it... but it's always nice to see "yourself" on TV).

So, I wondered... can YouTube help me?

I needn't have worried.

So, here for your viewing pleasure is a history of Docklands, as told by Eastenders.

First, I give you 1996:

You will observe that Canary Wharf is nowhere to be seen, the docks system at the north of the Isle of Dogs is present and, going Eastwards, London City Airport is still rather watery.

Let's now fast-forward to 1993:

You will, I trust, enjoy the 1993-version of the theme tune. Very funky. Canary Wharf has encroached on the Isle of Dogs but there's still not a huge amount there.

By 2001, we have this:

The Millennium Dome is now present, in all its glory and Canary Wharf is well and truly taking shape.

Annoyingly, I can't see the flat in any of the movies because the resolution is too low. Darn!

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