Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Is JFK always that awful?

Having just had the privilege of leaving the US via the delightful Delta terminal at JFK (terminal three), I'm still unsure if I was the victim of a hidden camera stunt or if the operators of the airport truly do believe that their tin-pot, third-world sh*t-hole of an airport terminal is in some way acceptable.

Either way, a walking route from the "Air Train" that takes you past three separate piles of accumulated pigeon dirt, dead ends, across two car park entrance ramps, along a pavement narrower than the baggage trolley and along a traffic island should probably have been warning of what the inside would be like.

I did learn one useful piece of information, however: don't bother getting to JFK on time if you have an international flight: a charming man will conveniently call out destinations to those in the check-in queue and invite people (who claim to be) going to that destination to jump to the front, overtaking those who bothered to turn up early. Nice. 

To be fair to them, if I were running the airport, I'd do something similar when a flight was due to close. My technique would be to call the latecomers, request their tickets and say "next time, get here on time" before tearing up the tickets and suggesting they rebook themselves on a different airline (at their expense, naturally).

Still, the flight back wasn't too bad and the horror of the airport served to remind me how good the rest of the trip had been.


Jon said...

Yes, JFK really is always awful. Should always go to Newark if one can possibly manage it.

Gert Bruhn said...

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