Friday, May 11, 2007

Munich Airport Rules

As my regular readers will know, I don't do queues.

Therefore, my entire week in Munich (of which more later) has been spent in eager anticipation of the journey home.

You see, Munich Airport have invested in the most fantastic check-in system for Lufthansa passengers.

As soon as you enter Terminal Two, there is a bank of self-check-in machines.

But these are no ordinary self-check-in machines.

There are self-check-in machines that weigh your checked backage, print a strip for you to attach and provide a conveyor belt to send your bag to the plane.

No need to queue for "fast" bag drop!!!

I've used them several times and still get excited by them.


Gerhard said...

I also like those and they're currently available in Munich, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Berlin-Tegel, and (lucky for me) Vienna. :-)

Quentin Way said...

oh those do sound useful! i've always found the other "fast" ones rather pointless...

they're only really useful for getting the seat you want...

speaking of which, what's the best way to get the seat you want (knowing the exact one) when you're flying economy (yes economy), and there are no wizz-bang autocheckin machines?

Richard Brown said...

Hi Quentin,

I never seem to be too successful in getting a "good" seat but some tricks to try are:

1) Look up the airline and plane on so you know which seats are good and which are bad. If you're offered a bad one at check-in, politely request another

2) See if there is the ability to "check-in" or "modify booking" online. I have often been successful in reserving my seat on the airline's website. Often all you need is the booking reference.

3) Smile at checkin :-)