Friday, May 04, 2007

Twitter, Dopplr and stuff

As Andy correctly points out, I signed up to Dopplr earlier this week (I am "gendal") and immediately discovered that he and I would be in Edinburgh at the same time the following day. Spooky.

We had drinks and dinner and he reminded me about all the stuff that is happening outside the world of WebSphere, the Financial Services Sector and BPM. He is a bad man. I don't get paid on Web 2.0!

However, he's not quite accurate. He did interest me in Twitter and, last night, I signed up (I am "gendal")

So now what?

Do I get charged for each text I receive? (It's turned off until I know!)

How do I tell it who I'm interested in hearing from?

I'm sure it's all obvious :-)


Adrian said...

There's no SMS reverse charging going on, though I tend not to receive tweets by SMS simply because the times when I'm not at a computer generally coincide with when I'm doing something else entirely different to which I don't want interruption.

As for finding people, well the first step is to friend with the people you know I guess. I've just added you and from me you should find Andy and a few others. How you expand this outside of this small circle of IBMers however is something I've not yet managed to achieve. The concept hasn't caught on with any of my friends.

Richard Brown said...

Thanks :-)

As for finding people, I must admit I'm finding the twitter UI very hard to navigate. It took me about five minutes to figure out how to "add" you (who'd have thought that "adding" was the best way of describing the activity of tracking updates from someone...) Figured it out in the end, though.

Andy Piper said...

There's a few greasemonkey scripts to improve Twitter, but they are largely prettification - not sure there's one that makes it easier to add people.

Personally I tend to use the Web UI and very rarely have the SMS switched on. It makes it harder to keep up with ongoing conversations but I tend to be a more casual user (believe it or not!!) and accept that if I miss stuff, I miss stuff.