Sunday, March 30, 2008

Flying from Heathrow...

I'm on my way to Vienna for training.  I had really wanted to fly from London City Airport but there were no flights that worked.

So, instead, I'm flying out from Heathrow :-(

I considered flying BA but, because Austrian Airlines can at least bring me back to City Airport, I decided to fly out with them as well.

An unintentionally inspired decision!

I am in Terminal 2.  No queues at check-in and minimal queue at security.  And at least the possibility that my bags will arrive.

It wasn't all good, however. I've just had the most strange "fish pie" from the air-side Wetherspoon's.  I'm not sure why I went there as I didn't have a drink.

Either way, I'd love to know if anybody could identify the fish I ate. There were two main fish-like elements to the pie: red cubes and orange cubes.

I'm guessing the red pieces were Salmon but I have absolutely no idea what the orange pieces were. They didn't taste smoked (well, they didn't taste of anything, really) so what on earth could they have been?


ianvisits said...

Solylent Green?

Jon said...

I was just thinking maybe a combination of Soylent Red and Soylent Yellow.

Ben said...

"Fish pie: Shortcrust pastry, filled with salmon, smoked haddock and leeks, ..."

Smoked haddock is nice, though not a strong flavour. If you want to try it I'd suggest this recipe (or going to their restaurant).

Richard Brown said...

Grr..... when I first read the comments from Ian and Jon, I thought they were using their superior culinary knowledge to name a variety of fish I'd never heard of.

Good job I googled it before adding a comment along the lines of "could well be... it's not a fish I've eaten much of recently". The strange thing is that I'm pretty sure I've *seen* that film.

Anyway, I prefer Ben's answer.

Whatever it was, I *did* eat it, after all....

Ben said...

It does sound like it should be a fish caught off the Hampshire coast; or perhaps an illegal food dye.