Wednesday, March 26, 2008

North Woolwich Satellite Dish Breeding Farm

I thought I'd visit scary South East London on Tuesday so took the DLR to King George IV so I could take the Woolwich Ferry over the river... I'd never done it before.

Before I got on the ferry, I had a walk around the riverfront.

I stumbled upon what I can only describe as a factory farm where they grow satellite dishes.

There were big ones, small ones, baby ones, portable ones, oddly shaped freakish ones. Most bizarre.

The name of the site was particularly funny. Apparently it's a "Teleport". One shudders to think what goes on there.

There's a small glimpse of it in this photo... but the real thing is much scarier....


Henry said...

Oi! What were you doing in my bit of town?

Richard Brown said...

I was off work and fancied a bit of an explore :-)

Remind me... are you in Woolwich or North Woolwich?

ianvisits said...

I really like that little cluster of sat dishes as it happens.

Did you try out the tunnel - it is a mirror copy of the one at Greenwich?

Henry said...

Woolwich - on the river, five minutes walk east of the ferry.

Richard Brown said...

"Did you try out the tunnel - it is a mirror copy of the one at Greenwich?"

Sadly, not. After taking the ferry over and having a little look around Woolwich, I decided it was too scary and hot-footed it back home on the train. Indeed, there were so many dodgy-looking youths around that I was too scared even to take the bus to North Greenwich, which was my original plan.

Michael said...

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