Sunday, May 18, 2008

Old Street

My brother was down this weekend (primarily to attend a party being held by a theatre company who had recently performed a play he wrote).

Rather than go into town or stay local, as usual, I thought his arrival would be a good excuse to go somewhere different for a change.

So we went to Old Street. Now, I know this area has passed through "scary", "fashionable" and "mainstream" on its journey to "unremarkable" but I have managed to avoid going out there until now so it was new to me.

We went to an enjoyably idiosyncratic bar and had a great night.  Perhaps we'll go there again sometime.  Probably in 2011 or something, knowing how long it takes me to change my habits.


ianvisits said...

You might want to try wandering back on Tuesday as the nearby Honourable Artillery Company (HAC) is having an open evening for the public.

Richard Brown said...

Thanks for the link.... Unfortunately, I'll be at a course (ironically, in London but requiring evening working) until Wednesday.

Strangely, we actually held a marketing event at the HAC a few months ago (which I didn't go to). Shame on me!

Anonymous said...

It was indeed a good bar, and it was remarkably admirable of them to employ all those people with OCD.