Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I think they're trying to tell me something

First they closed off the Wapping-> East London Line -> Jubilee -> Waterloo route to work.

Then they forced me to use Bank rather than Tower Hill/Gateway to get from the DLR to the District Line.

And now they're closing Blackfriars too!

So, as of March next year, my only viable route to the office will be Limehouse -> DLR -> Bank -> W&C -> Waterloo.



ianvisits said...

Quite obviously you are supposed to invest in a bike and cycle to work.

Richard Brown said...

"Quite obviously you are supposed to invest in a bike and cycle to work."

Funny you should say that...

I've been thinking about this on and off for some time now. The problem always comes back to the problem of logistics: what do I do if I need to be in the office in the morning and at a client in the City in the afternoon? Return to South Bank for my bike? Go home and take the tube in tomorrow? What about my laptop?

I suspect these are just excuses and that there are approaches I could use.... I guess I need to bite the bullet.

Jon said...

I bought a bike. It's great.

However, Richard: D3 to Canary Wharf, Jubilee to Waterloo.

Jon said...

Or, indeed, get the 100 from Wapping station to Southwark.

Richard Brown said...

Or switch to nights and take the N551 and the 453 or something!

Jon said...

You are actually allowed to use a bus during the day, you know? You're not going to be reported for ungay behaviour. :p