Saturday, January 03, 2009

"Rat to Ox"

Leaving aside the question of whether throwing away a trusted brand name is a good idea, can anybody explain Aviva's latest poster ad to me, please?

The ad reads something like this:


"The Quarrymen to The Beatles

Rat to Ox

Norwich Union to Aviva"

I get the first line and I understand the third line but the middle line just confuses me.

Is this a reference to something to do with horoscopes? Chinese mythology, perhaps? Something else entirely?  I genuinely don't get it.

Anyone know?


kyb said...

2008 is the Chinese year of the Rat, 2009 is the Chinese year of the Ox.

Richard Brown said...

Ahhh.... thanks.

Well that makes sense, I suppose...

Brian Sheppherd said...

I Thought It was because they used to be a 'Dirty' Rat of a company but following the name change are now as 'strong' as an Ox :)