Monday, September 19, 2005

Meet the family

Part 2 in an occasional series. Today's colleague of distinction is Mr. Jon Mc Namara.

Jon - one of the top WebSphere MQ Workflow and Business Process Management consultants in Europe - moonlights as a top-flight comedian. His next gig is currently advertised outside Waitrose in Canary Wharf. Get your tickets for his Cabot Hall show early... it's sure to sell out.

Jon Mc Namara


James Governor said...

did john go to york university, class of 91 or 92?

i am sure i recognise that face

Richard Brown said...

Do you shop in Canary Wharf?

It's just a picture of an advertisement I saw outside Waitrose that reminded me of a colleague :-)

I'll ask him where he studied though, just in case....

HOTBABE said...

Ahh no, no, he went to Hull University. Such a man. SUCH A MAN. Funny, witty, intelligent and incredibly attractive to women. Ah no i come to mention thinking of somebody else.

Hull Uni Staff said...

McNamara you say? Yes...yes...of course. He went to Hull University. We had to ban him from coming on site during his final year, unfortunatley the poor fella contracted chickenpox. That wasnt the reason we banned him of course. We just didnt want him there.