Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I first discovered Microsoft's Rich Turner when I listened to a PodCast about an Indigo roadshow he was running. I'd like to say he stuck out because of his clear articulation of the technology or his clear passion for his work (although both were the case) but he first dragged me out of my early-morning-commute-stupor because of his familiar-sounding British accent. At least I *think* it was him.... if it wasn't, I have no idea at all how I came to find his blog. Anyhow....

I subscribed to his blog shortly after hearing the podcast and have given it passing attention since. Of late, however, he has been catching my attention increasingly often.

Take this. I suspect he and I may disagree over quite how far web services should be deployed and over how suitable they are for various applications but his core argument is spot on: if performance is the only thing holding you back from using a SOAP/HTTP web service (meaning that you're satisfied with the qualities of service offered and all other aspects of the decision) then do some tests - realistic ones. You may be surprised to find your assumptions challenged.

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