Thursday, December 08, 2005

Up in the air

I see that my esteemed colleague Ed Brill discovered the joy of Canary Wharf yesterday. Sadly, the description of his cabbie's behaviour is not as unusual as it should be :-(

However, London City Airport - and VLM airlines - are indeed two of the pleasures of living in London's Docklands. Being able to check in 20 minutes before takeoff - and never having to wait for any checked luggage make it my favourite place to fly to and from. The extension of the DLR to LCY is the icing on the cake.

As for that photo.... I think there's only one place it could have been taken from - but I guess it depends on your Point of View... :-p


Ed Brill said...

You mean as in Point of View? :)

Richard Brown said...

Well... I wasn't going to link to it if you didn't :-p

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