Monday, December 05, 2005

IBM Software Group Analyst Conference

The news articles are beginning to trickle out about IBM's annual analyst conference. Here's Bloor's Phil Howard's initial take.

The annual analyst event is not the kind of event to which mere mortals like me are invited. So, I relive it vicariously through the writeups...

From what I've read so far, it's heartening that there's nothing surprising here.... everything I'm reading (e.g. in Phil's initial writeup) is consistent both with the message I hear internally - and with what I am telling my clients. Phew!

One thing did surprise me slightly, however: Phil thought that our lack of discussion of web services in the context of SOA was noteworthy. He is correct, of course, to justify this in the way he did - SOA and Web Services are not synonymous and you can have one without the other - but it suggests he believes his target audience need to be told this.

Incidentally, Joe McKendrick linked to a good stab at defining SOA last week. I need to check how close it is to our definition but it looks promising to me. And, of course, it doesn't mention web services.


James Governor said...

check out my younger and smarter biz partner on the conference:

if you only read one blogger read him

Richard Brown said...

Thanks for the link. I really do read Stephen's blog!

I have, however, conspicuously failed to link to it or comment. I'll fix that.