Sunday, July 16, 2006

I can't walk

Being the weak man that I am, I allowed a friend to talk me into playing squash yesterday. I haven't played squash for about seven years. I played about as well as one would expect given the gap, and the fact that I wasn't very good back then anyway. Unfortunately, I woke this morning with a sense that there was something wrong..... when I tried to get out of bed - and couldn't - I assumed I had suffered some sort of stroke in the night.

Alas, nothing so respectable.

Listening to my body, I conclude that exercise is bad for me. It is a lesson I will not forget.


Jon said...


Henry said...

I think it's very cunning that you make it sound like you were taken to pieces by a super-fit squash fanatic and it's a miracle you survived at all -- rather than you had a leisurely game against an overweight geek who lumbered around the court in the manner of an oil tanker, and who himself had only played about ten times since those college games seven years ago... :)

Richard Brown said...

You unnecessarily do yourself a disservice!

I think it would suit both of us equally for my readers to believe you are a champion athlete and a squash player of the highest order.

I promise not to tell if you won't....

Anonymous said...

I played squash yesterday for the first time in a few weeks - and boy am I feeling the pain in "certain" areas of my body today...this is not normally gets me the-day-after-the-day-after.
If I'm feeling it now, I think I'm going to be imobile for most of tomorrow :(
At least the temperature in England is bearable...squash in Singapore is akin to playing in a sauna with a superball.