Thursday, July 27, 2006

SmartPhone not dead? Pity.

Apparently the SmartPhone isn't dead. As an owner of a Siemens SX1 and a friend of several Nokia 6600 owners, I can only express my dismay that those disasters were not sufficient to kill this technology stone dead.

I rejoiced the day my Siemens SX1 finally died.

Of course, it may not be all Symbian's fault: the SX1 was a shoddy product regardless of the software it was running.

However, as the first phone with a keypad that ran on either side of the screen, it is sure to be a collector's item. So why not buy one?!

As chance would have it, I have one for sale. As you will see, it is for sale as part of a bigger package. More on this later...

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