Monday, July 03, 2006

Not even Alan Partridge stayed in a hotel that was also a nightclub

Accordingly to an intriguingly anonymous poster, my discussions of the "top five best things about a laptop" mean I am walking along the wrong side of Alan Partridge.

Such an observation is probably justified.

I thought about Alan Partridge when I checked into my hotel this evening. I was informed that a "little disco" would be taking place "but that it would be over my midnight". Fair enough, I thought; I don't tend to go to bed much before then anyway.

What I didn't count on was the noise being so deafeningly loud - and my room so close to the source - that I am finding it hard to sustain a chain of thought for long enough to compose a sentence.

In the blissful three-second peace between two tracks, I did ask myself "What Would Alan Do?" However, I realised that going to an all-night garage and striking up a friendship with the assistant would not be a optimal long term strategy.

So, instead, I'm blogging about it.

I can't help thinking I'm not progressing very far back towards the right side of the line....

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