Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Money for old phones

Chris will be so proud of me.

I'm blogging about recycling and the environment and stuff.

You see.... if you dig out all the old mobile phones in your cupboards and drawers and go to this website, they'll send you a jiffy-bag. You stick your phones in the bag, send the bag to them and then they give you free money.

That's the kind of recycling I can put up with :-)



GEB said...

You can do something similar for certain charities so that they can recoup the money to help other people. Even better !

Chris Tomkins said...

I am indeed proud of you Richard!

Richard Brown said...


Thanks Chris.

lucy said...

Well done for using envirofone. Considering that most people change phones every two years and most of those go into landfill sites its good to see people taking a more responsible attitude.

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