Saturday, November 04, 2006

SOA Tips 'n' Tricks

Chris and Andrew have launched a new blog, SOA Tips 'n' Tricks. It is dedicated to discussion of - and advice on - how to get the best out of the products in IBM's SOA portfolio.

It's looking good already.

Great idea, guys...

I must take issue with the name, however. As English is a living language, we should respect de facto punctuation rules. As Guns N' Roses taught us all those years ago, the correct name for the blog should be Tips N' Tricks.  Tut.

So, lose the initial apostrophe and capitalise the 'n', guys. Forget what you were taught at school and feel the ROCK!


Andrew Ferrier said...

I'll think about it.

Andrew Ferrier said...

Oh, but thanks for the plug!

{eek, almost forgot my manners}

[and yes, I am going hog-wild with punctuation]


Nimrod Riftin said...

Can it be a non-IBM technology SOA tip (or trick)?

Richard Brown said...


I'm sure any SOA-related tips would be welcomed... Andrew and Chris are friendly guys :-)

Andrew Ferrier said...

Sure it can - we're probably going to focus mostly on those, since that's what we know, but feel free to add some comments about non-IBM SOA solutions.