Monday, October 24, 2005

Investment Update

I was reminded today that I haven't updated this blog with how my investments are doing.

I'm about 4.2% down in aggregate. This is due mainly to the performance of William Morrison since I invested. The intention was always to hold them for a while - the idea being that I'd gain when they finally started to turn around. However, I continue to be surprised by quite how little good news is coming from them of late.

Japan is still a ray of light - albeit a dim one (+1.3%).

The FTSE is going nowhere good (-3.5%).

I'm relatively inconcerned by the FTSE (and my exposure is small in relative terms in any case). However, Morrisons do cause me concern. I have a mental stop-loss on this investment but I'm hoping I won't have to use it.


Chris H said...

Don't be too put off, let them sort out the safeway saga and the audit by KPMG and let a few more of the board resign and you will be fine!! Just remember you are looking at this longterm....

Richard Brown said...

Thanks Chris :-)