Friday, January 20, 2006


No... I'm not about to write about that fine product from the lovely people at Tibco.

Rather, I was reading this article by James Governor. He observes that Lotus' VP of marketing is blogging on developerWorks. On one level, my thought is: so what?! But as soon as you try to leave a comment you'll see the problem: it does seem slightly odd that a marketing blog requires you to get a user ID on a developers' network in order to comment... I'll drop him a note to find out why that is. Now, I should add that developerWorks is a fine, fine site. Indeed, they did me the honour of hosting my first ever PodCast and will soon be running an article i've written for them. So a solution to James' dilemma may be for the whole world to migrate to developerWorks :-)

However, I was more taken by James' perfectly reasonable question of why we have a developerWorks but not a productionWorks or even a businessWorks.

I think Sage may also be upset if we launched businessWorks. But, who knows.... maybe when they and Tibco realise they share a trademark, they'll get distracted by each other and not notice what we do :-p

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