Monday, March 13, 2006

Be afraid

It's bad enough that they bred. Now they're trying to evolve. Before even my song and podcast collection is dry on my replacement iPod, they release THIS. I'm happy with them breeding and a bit of evolution is OK. But let's hope this is the end of it. Opposable thumbs really would be too much.

Now, the problem is this: I'm in Hursley tomorrow (to learn all about AlphaBlox) so I'll be commuting for almost four hours, there and back. Unfortunately, I haven't even started this week's Economist, I have a pile of email to reply to, more unread RSS items than I care to admit to and I'm only halfway through this strangely fascinating PodCast about the Economics of Virtual Worlds. I say "strangely" because I have zero interest in gaming.

I thought I had this "information backlog" problem solved earlier today when I tried reading last week's Economist obituary and listening to the "virtual worlds" PodCast at the same time. Sadly, I failed after a minute or two. Intriguingly, I was managing quite well until then but then the difficulty of concentrating on two verbal stimulants at once proved too much. Shame.

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