Thursday, March 16, 2006

I give in. Andy: teach me about tagging

I just about get the concept of tagging content on sites such as Flickr. It amazes me that the system doesn't get abused in the same way that website meta tags did in the dark days before Google made our lives worth living. However, it does seem to work so I'm prepared to agree there is value. I guess the incentive structure may be different (i.e. there's no value in driving inappropriate traffic to your images whereas there is a lot of value in driving traffic to an otherwise worthless website that is full of ads, etc).

Taking this a step further, I can see some merit in adding tags to a blog post to let search engines know what it's about. I suppose the likes of may go further in helping *other people* add tags to my content. Fine. Seems like a reasonable idea (although I still don't see how it's protected from abuse).

So the question is: how do I tag my content? Can I tag links that I put into my blog? Or do I need to use some other tool?

Andy... help!


Andy Piper said...

The best way I've found to incorporate this into my own Blogger blog is to use Technorati. You add Technorati tags to the end of your posts, and then tell your blogging client to ping technorati to tell it to update its own index of tags (alternatively, you can use the web interface to technorati to tell it you've added content).

Richard Brown said...

Thanks Andy...

How do you add Technorati tags? What does one look like?

Andy Piper said...

Agh. Thought you might ask.

I have a couple of macros in w.bloggar that insert these for me. Basically they look like this (replace the [ with < brackets)

[a href="" rel="tag"][/a]

Replace the ? with the appropriate label (say, IBM) and then also put the same value as the text of the anchor link.

[a href="" rel="tag"]IBM[/a]

Technorati will handle the rest.

Richard Brown said...

A ha!

Didn't realise it was quite that simple..... Thanks!