Friday, March 03, 2006

Other blogs I read (part 1 of many)

My RSS reader is broken down into various categories ("friends", "enemiescompetitors", "economics and politics", "IT industry", "London" and so on).

Here are some of my favourite "London" feeds....

Going Underground's Blog. This, and the somewhat more hyperactive Londonist blog are just full of interesting news articles, rumours and ideas for things to do about town. If you were wondering why all the chocolate machines on the tube were out of order or why there's an erratic red line of paint running from the river to near Euston, these are the places to find out.

The SE1 blog does what it says on the tin. My London office is in SE1 and it's an area I pass through regularly.

The Criminal Solicitor, Policeman, Magistrate, Tube station manager and Paramedic are well known but still worth reading.... it's great to get an insight into other people's lives.

However, I do have some sympathy with Stephen O'Grady's plea here. So, in the spirit of posting links to good content and not just entire blogs, I offer this solitary link. It answers the question of why the choccy machines are turned off. Who'd have thought it?

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