Thursday, April 20, 2006

Arghhhh! Pet Store in AJAX

Bill Higgins and James Governor point to an interesting discussion about the impact of AJAX on server load.

I'm not really sure where to start on this one so I'll do it in the form of a bulletted list. I like bulletted lists

  • "Server load" needs to be defined. Session size? Number of requests to service an end-to-end flow? Total amount of data transferred? CPU cycles/MIPS per user session? Database queries per session? etc, etc, etc

  • AJAX's use of client-side state would suggest that there is the potential for smaller session size and total data transferred but a higher number of requests of the server

  • Experimentation and experience will tell

  • Pet Store in AJAX? Bill, you are a bad man.

  • Most of the debate is academic. AJAX is so clearly the way to go that the only question that matters is: how do we accurately size and scale deployments?


Anonymous said...

Chris Mitchell is a bad man, not me ;-) Like Fox News - I report, you decide!

Bill Higgins said...

Um, that was me (had to get a blogger account). - Bill

Richard Brown said...

Ahhhh.... all makes sense now :)