Thursday, April 20, 2006


Another WordPress convertee; I'm waiting until Andy regains his Google ranking...

Paul Thurrott has looked at Windows Vista and doesn't like what he sees. The most bizarre part of his article was where he mentions Windows XP Task Panels. I have absolutely no idea what one of these is. Anyone know?

Will Henry's readers get it right two quarters in a row?


Andy said...

My Google rating is on its way to perfection. I'm now indexed, and I'm getting a good proportion of hits from searches on various topics, which is great.

Windows XP task panels are those bits on the left of the explorer window which display contextually useful tasks (Burn to CD, etc). I actually diagree with Paul's analysis, since I think they are used in XP.

Richard Brown said...

A ha! Thanks Andy.

The Task Panels always perturb me because I always end up thinking... "How would I accomplish this task if the panel were to disappear? What's the 'standard' way to do this?"