Sunday, December 10, 2006

Is this really true?

Via Tim Worstall, I learn of a company (which employs tens of staff) that will shortly be put out of business as a result of a chain of events stemming from an inspector "misinterpreting" a form.

The article really does reward reading.

I'm not sure what's more scary: the prospect of having to fight such a faceless, intransigent bureaucracy or the thought that one's government would ever stoop so low as to pass a law designed solely to put a law-abiding, compliant employer out of business.



Alex said...

Sounds suspiciously like Franz Kafka's The Trial.

Still, we have to find something for those hundreds of thousands of civil servants to do, and what better than rid the world of curd cheese?

Richard Brown said...

"what better than rid the world of curd cheese?"


As for Kafka..... you're right. The thing that scares me is that stories like this don't get a huge amount of coverage... how many other people are similarly driven to ruin by activities like this and fail to get their cases publicised?