Tuesday, December 12, 2006

London's Toytown Train Station is suddenly all grown-up

It appears that Marylebone has sprouted two new platforms.

I was there last week and I can't say I noticed them. Where have they hidden them?!


Henry said...

Aha, very observant.

Evergreen II has been in process for about two years, following from route and plan enhancements (Evergreen). The new platforms have been in use for quite a while - several months at least - but the platforms in the way have been out of use while they modify the infrastructure to allow customer access to the new ones not via a wooden ramp over existing permanent way.

Chiltern's quite a good operator, in a quiet way -- they really embraced the SRA vision of quick-win enhancement (c.f. WCML route mod).

Richard Brown said...

Do you have a link to a picture or diagram? I'm sure I've used Marylebone several times over the last few years and noticed no difference... I must be going mad!