Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The end of the quarter...

Although my official office is near picturesque Winchester near the south coast of the UK, I usually go to our office on the South Bank of the River Thames in London if I just need an office. I reserve my trips to Hursley for special occasions :-)

South Bank has a large contingent of sales people working in it and the atmosphere is totally different to Hursley.

Things are even more feverish than normal today.... there are three days until the end of the quarter. I am working in our "Touch Down" area (hot desking area) and all around me are sales people on calls to customers, business partners and suppliers - as well as on calls to their managers and executives. One can't help but hear some of the conversations and it's really interesting to see the later stages of the sales process in action. I'm familiar with earlier stages of the sales process (having worked in a worldwide technical sales team before taking on my current consultancy role) but I never had exposure to the final steps.

Interestingly, despite the frenetic activity, the touch down area is emptier than normal... lots of business still gets done face-to-face, after all :-)

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