Sunday, June 19, 2005


I decided the best way to fight the jetlag from my business trip to Vegas was not to fight it. By that, I mean that I decided to persist with my body's fanciful notion that 4am was actually 8pm and go out clubbing on Friday night.

It was a good experience. I discovered that a bar in King's Cross that I've been to plenty of times before has a roof terrace (cool!) I also discovered that clubs without aircon get very, very warm on hot days. It seemed to work quite well.

I had planned to meet up with some old college friends on Saturday and we couldn't have chosen a better day for it. My original plan was a "London Park Crawl". The idea was that we'd meet at Cutty Sark DLR station, have a few drinks in Greenwich Park, take the river taxi to Westminster, spend some time in St. James's Park, go over to Green Park (no link because it sucks and I hate it), cross Hyde Park Corner to Hyde Park and then finish in Kensington Gardens before finding a restaurant in Kensington.

Of course, we didn't leave Greenwich Park. But the plan was a good one, I think.

I also had to leave earlyish as a friend was having his birthday party in Camden. I went there for a few drinks and then when they were leaving to go into the West End, my tiredness caught up with me so I took the opportunity to go home and get a good night's sleep.

Sunday was more relaxing.... lunch in Canada Water and lounging in Southwark Park with a very good friend and a quiet night in.

The Isle of Dogs (including the Canary Wharf Estate) from Surrey Quays:

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