Thursday, June 16, 2005

US Restrooms vs UK bathrooms

I'm probably odd for noticing this but I find the difference between US and UK bathrooms interesting. In Caesars Palace, for example (the lack of an apostrophe is *still* bugging me.... perhaps it does imply more meaning that I'd previously suspected. Anyhow... back to my earth-shattering discovery), the urinals have "modesty protectors" between them. In the UK, this is rare (apart from at Wetherspoons pubs for some reason). But... US toilet "cubicles" have considerably less privacy than UK ones. In the UK, it is not unusual to get something like a private room. In the US, by contrast, the toilet doors have gaps around the edge, are so short you can look over them when you stand up and they are sometimes even louvred.

I'm ont sure what this says about the psychology of our two countries and I'm not sure which I prefer. One things for certain: the restrooms in Vegas are certainly plush.

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