Friday, June 30, 2006

New ThinkPad

I've just been issued with a replacement for my ageing ThinkPad T41p. I now have a shiny new Lenovo/IBM ThinkPad T60p.

Shiny... Check. New... Check... What more could you want?

Here are the five best and five worst things about it

Five Best

  • 1600x1200 screen

  • 2Gb RAM, expandable to 4Gb

  • Feels pretty solidly built (unlike some other laptops I've had in the past, mentioning no model numbers...)

  • Has a fingerprint scanner.... nice little gimmick. Seems to work quite well if your fingers are dry

  • Feels fast

Five Worst
  • Comes with a tool that thinks it knows how to configure the network settings better than I do. It doesn't.

  • It's a little too big for a travelling user but I'd rather big and robust than small and broken.

  • Lenovo have changed the standard ThinkPad power plug. Arghhh!!!! Apparently it's because the new models need a higher voltage but still...... gone are the days when I could swan along to a meeting without power, knowing I could borrow somebody else's adapter.

  • Err... that's about it.... there's not much not to like

It's great. I just wish it didn't have that network configuration tool whose name I'd better not mention. (I should mention that most of my colleagues swear by that tool so perhaps it's just me).


GEB said...

Richard, Please don't turn into Alan Partridge!

ChrisH said...

Does it have one of those 'air bag' things for the harddrive. My laptop has a 'strike zone' I do think its a pity having a feature on your laptop that you can't use and can't test how effective it would work. I would suggest you try it out before its too late to see if it works? I'm sure your company will replace it if it fails, it is under warranty ;-)

Richard Brown said...

It does indeed have such a feature.

The cool thing is that someone has reverse-engineered the API. There's a demo out there somewhere that allows you to fly around Google Maps by tilting the laptop. Cool!