Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sick of lugging multiple chargers every time you go away on business?

Last year, I finally got sick of carrying my laptop charger, my phone charger and my iPod charger every time I went anywhere and I bought an iGo Juice 70 when I was in the US.

It's a very clever device and I'm surprised more people don't know about them.

Well.... I'm on a long term project now and find I'm not using the iGo any more (my phone doesn't need charging while I'm away as I'm never away from home for more than three nights in a row). So, I've put it up for sale.

It's my first ever venture onto eBay as a seller.... and I'm rather hoping it doesn't go for £1... it cost me somewhat more than that.

So, readers, if you or anyone you know wants one of these, bids, wins the auction and mentions that they saw it on my blog when they contact me, then I'll throw in an adapter for free (it comes with a US plug, you see). Can't say fairer than that....

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