Sunday, June 18, 2006

On opening a PMR

Mainframe Blog recounts a sorry tale of raising a PMR (Problem Management Report) with a vendor for support on z/OS. (Given only IBM uses the term "PMR", I can only assume the author is trying to protect us from the shame....)

Level 1 support (the job of checking a customer's entitlement to support, capturing the abstract of the problem and routing it to the appropriate level 2 team) has always struck me as one of the roles most suitable for automation.

I long ago realised the importance of having chosen an abstract for my PMRs in advance of calling up - and spelling out every word. As frustrating as dealing with a level 1 support organisation is, I don't think the pain is necessarily a reflection on the quality of the staff: it's just not reasonable to expect a single person to be familiar with every product we support and to be familiar with every technical term unique to each of those products.

Still.... it doesn't mean I have to like dealing with level 1.

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