Saturday, February 04, 2006

Business-integration, Business-partners and Bandy

I have just spent an exhausting week in Stockholm discussing how WebSphere Process Server can solve some pressing concerns at one of our business partners. My time was split between teaching our standard introductory class and discussing specific problems they were trying to solve. It was a tremendously rewarding week: the pressing problems they had made them attentive students and they were extraordinarily talented.

Not only did they have to listen to my descriptions of a new technology and relate it to their existing technologies in real time, they had to do it in English (my Swedish skills being somewhat weak...).

However, an attentive, question-filled class is a demanding class and I was thoroughly exhausted every evening.

I did manage to take time out on Thursday evening. My colleague (who organised the class) took me to see a game of "Bandy". Those who know me well will know quite how low my interest in sport is but I'm always willng to try something once. Unless that "thing" is a roller-coaster that goes upside down but that's just good sense: if we were intended to travel upside down, our pockets would not be open at the top.

Bandy seems to be a cross between ice hockey and football. The game we saw was Sweden vs Norway and it attracted a good crowd. I'd recommend any visitors to a Bandy-playing nation take the opportunity to see a game.... just make sure you wrap up warm. Spectating is not an endeavour for the inadequately clothed.

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