Thursday, February 23, 2006

For your messaging people out there...

.... my colleagues Andy Piper and Ben Thompson (update your blog so I can credibly link to it!!) have also been published on developerWorks today. Ben and Andy are probably two of the deepest WebSphere Message Broker experts in the world. I always sit next to them when I go to Hursley so that I can stay current on that product by osmosis.

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Mehmet aka Ben Thompson said...

G'day from sunny Istanbul ... unfortunately ive just been so busy dabbling with broker, i havent managed to find the time to update
Alas it lies dormant, forever immortalising my particularly unmotivated state of mind from last October. Loving the blog by the way, but you definitely need more pictures to help maintain the interest of people like my goodself who can only hear so much about the dynamicity of process choreography before dribbling onto the keyboard ... Speaking of which, db2 is calling me (it gets lonely when left alone) ... Toodle-pip.