Saturday, February 18, 2006

Verdana is taking over the world

I've long had a vague feeling that all the "Web 2.0" websites I've viewed have looked the same.

I thought it might be due to the current fashion of making use of lots of white space and bold graphics.

But no.... they just all use Verdana. Every single one of them.



It was therefore heartening to discover the Service Component Architecture Portal (thanks for Jeff Schneider for pointing me to it in the comments of this post)

This website also uses Verdana gratuitously. Since I have established that Verdana = Web 2.0 = cool, I think we have conclusive proof that SCA is cool. Excellent.

As for the content... well, I have better things to do on a Saturday night than read it... that will be a task for the week. But it does have some interestingly titled articles. could turn into a very valuable resource.


Jon Deane said...

Shame that Skype and Technorati only use Verdana when Lucida Grande is missing and that SCA is using Trebuchet. :-P

Richard Brown said...

The 2.0 websites still all look the same :-p