Friday, February 24, 2006

Going to the movies on a Monday afternoon

For reasons I don't fullly understand, RSS Bandit insists on dumping "Fast Company" feeds in my "tecosystems" subscription. Most odd.

Either way, it has the beneficial effect of forcing me to read the occasional Fast Company article.

This is a fantastic first line for an article: "People who have learned to answer email on Sunday evenings also need to learn how to go to the movies on Monday afternoons"


Andy Piper said...

RSS Bandit seems to have a nasty habit of mixing up feeds. The only way I've found of fixing it is to periodically export my feeds as OPML, delete them all, and then re-import. Of course, this means you lose your place in most of them. It's a pain.

Richard Brown said...

It's very odd. FeedReader used to have a similar problem which would suggest it's not a trivial problem to solve, even if to an outsider it seems like a pretty major defect....