Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hello to my readers from developerWorks

If you're reading this post thanks to my recent article on developerWorks, welcome to Gendal World!

I've been involved with IBM's WebSphere Process Server product for well over a year now - having worked closely with the development labs prior to release, consulted on some of our first engagements, contributed to our education materials and written various articles. One of the areas I focussed on was how to build applications that are robust against change. I recorded a PodCast on this last year.

If you're looking for more posts I've made about Process Server and related technologies, you might want to start with this Google Search which pulls up a lot of the articles.


Andy Piper said...

Why on earth didn't I put a link to my blog in my developerWorks article? [thumps head against desk]

Congrats on being published (again). Good article.

Richard Brown said...

Thanks Andy.

It's not too late.... ask dW if they can update it :-)